Have multiple fun in Foshan's Agricultural Parks
Foshan China 2023-02-13 14:20

Recently, Foshan Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the list of 2022 Foshan agricultural parks, of which 28 were selected. Among them, four parks including Anon Bay Agriculture Culture Park, Haishou Island Agricultural Park, Beijiao Damei Park and Country Garden Intelligent Agricultural Park are new applicants.

Anon Bay Agriculture Culture Park

Located in Zinan Village, Chancheng District, Anon Bay Agriculture Culture Park is one modern ecological garden integrating with farming culture and experience. "New Agriculture, New Tourism, New Education, New Farming" are its iconic features.

There are various facilities inside, including agriculture museum, laboratory, flower sea, field for vegetables, etc. Additionally, it has perfectly combined the farming, education and entertainment segments together, providing comprehensive experience for visitors.

Haishou Island Agricultural Park

Located in Jiujiang Village, Nanhai District, Haishou Island Agricultural Park is rich in natural environment, including fields of 10 square kilometers, fishpond of 16 square kilometers.

The most popular activity is cycling around the island. While cycling on the 6-kilometer greenway, you will feel the breath of the forest and embrace the nature.

Beijiao Damei Park

Aimed at the provincial model agriculture industrial park, Beijiao Damei Park is one grand agriculture industrial park specialized in the cultivation of flowers and aquatic products.

The construction started from 2021, with the first phase in operation, it has incorporated rice field, fitness lanes, fruit gardens, educational and culturally creative base related to drones, etc.

Country Garden Intelligent Agricultural Park

Located in Nanshan Village, Sanshui District, Country Garden Intelligent Agricultural Park covers a land of 54 square kilometers.

In 2021, Sanshui was recognized as the comprehensive modern urban agriculture demonstration base in the GBA, which is the first one entitled to this honor in Guangdong Province.

There are five functional zones, including the demonstration zones for auto farms, ecologically intelligent fishery industry, farming culture tourism attraction, R&D center for auto farms and digital systems.

Meanwhile, there is camping area provided for relaxation after the exploration of technologies.

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