130,000-㎡ MixC Mall to start construction in Daliang, Shunde
Foshan China 2023-02-14 18:04

On February 10th, the MixC Mall (Shunde) officially started construction and is expected to operate in 2025. Located in Daliang Yunjin East Area, this mega mall is built above the Xurong North Road Station of Foshan Metro Line 3. Covering an area of 130,000 square meters, it will be built into the largest TOD commercial complex in Daliang with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan.. 10% of Foshan brand and 30% of Shunde brand will be first introduced by then.

The MixC Mall: Largest TOD commercial complex in Daliang

On March 2, 2022, the TOD plot located in the Yunjin East Area of Daliang was acquired by CR Land. According to its plan, the project integrates the high-end MixC Mall, cultural and sports center, ecological park, top education resource and quality residence, helping fuel the development of Shunde and improve the quality of Foshan.

As one of the three core brands of the commercial management sector of CR Land, there are now 30 MixC Malls in operation across the country, with a layout in 23 cities.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Wang Yuan, head of CR Land’s South China Region, said that MixC Mall will strive to become a flagship in commercial complexs and set a new benchmark for Shunde’s business

Energize consumption to create multi-level urban commercial system

Report on the Work of Foshan Government 2023 proposes to guide the featured and differentiated development of business districts and create a “3+9+N” multi-level urban commercial system. Significantly, it will focus on the construction of three core commercial districts of Foshan, namely Zumiao-Jihua Commercial District, Changui Commercial District and Daliang-Ronggui Commercial District, so as to keep up with surging consumer demand among the whole city, even the GBA.

Shunde has ranked first in the list of the top 100 comprehensive strength districts in China for 11 consecutive years, which proves that it has a first-class business environment. After the completion, it will create another cultural, commercial and tourism landmark for Shunde, energizing consumption market in Shunde.

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