A Foshan resort invites zoophilists to 'adopt' animals
Foshan China 2023-02-17 15:25

On February 14, Chuanlord Tourism Leisure Expo Garden innovatively has launched an animal adoption scheme under which interested individuals can adopt zoo animals. The scheme aims to promote wildlife awareness, and provides better protection and care to animals. So far, a lots of animals including giraffes and Humboldt Penguins have been adopted.

What's New: Adopters can name animals and receive certificate

"We want to create public participation through the scheme, so as to let people know more about life and endangered situations of wild animals," said the zoo curator. The zoo regards animal adoption as a way to build connection between the zoo and the citizens, and hopes that more visitors can truly support wildlife conservation.

According to the scheme, animals that can be adopted includes Humboldt Penguins, giraffes, large anteaters, Asian elephants, white rhinos, white-cheeked gibbons, hippos, turtles, sea lions, otters, Siberian tigers, African lions, black bears, etc. There are over 10 thousand animals open for adoption in total.

For those adopted animals, the zoo will put up a plate with the adopter's name on it. Adopters will also receive adoption certificate, a commemorative badge and annual pass benefits. Following the rules of adoption, adopters can also enter the park with an unlimited access within 324 days a year to visit and interact with the adopted animal. In addition, adopters will have access to live stream and monthly reports, as alternative ways to maintain their relationship with animals.

Curator: All proceeds are used for publicity and welfare

The event is well received by the citizens and most of them are in the name of family, accounting for 80 percent of the overall adoption.

"The income from animal adoption is barely sufficient to meet with high upkeep cost of animals at the zoo." Taking giraffes as an example, it costs at least 3 million yuan per year for feeding and maintenance costs. Therefore, the zoo promises to use all the proceeds from the adoption scheme for animal protection publicity and welfare.

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