Study and Tour project launched in Xiqiao, Nanhai
Foshan China 2023-03-01 18:01

Themed on "Read the book of the earth", the first group of Xiqiao Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning (hereinafter referred to as "HIBL") was launched on February 26th.

"Read the book of the earth" HIBL project is grounded on the natural resources and cultural background in Xiqiao, then further developed with the iconic worldwide event, Art Field Nanhai.

It is considered as one important measure conducted in creating the brand of "Xiqiao HIBL Town", and also the pilot project in developing rural education brands in Nanhai.

Three major attractions included

The first stop is to take the cruise in Tingyin Lake. By unlocking the special events in Art Field Nanhai and enjoying the marvelous views around, visitors can feel the unique charm of Lingnan water village.

Arriving at Feihong Club Nanwu Hall, the second stop is about the exploration of Kung-Fu culture. With advanced technologies introduced, the interaction equipment provides a vivid and lively experience of Foshan Kongfu culture.

The last stop is the hiking to Xiqiao Mountain. Walking on the iconic pathway, visitors can explore the diversity of species in Foshan and historical stories of Sangyuanwei.

Nowadays, based on the special local resources, Xiqiao has developed several HIBL routes covering multiple areas, like geology, natural environment, cuisine, folklore, etc.

Stated by the representative of Xiqiao Mountain Tourism Attraction, the next move is to stimulate the creativity of local travel agencies and enhance the collaboration between agencies, schools and other educational institutions. Therefore, it will encourage the R&D of HIBL routes, promote the name of Xiqiao HIBL project, eventually boosting the development of cultural tourism economy.

Reporter | Eddie

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