Bougainvillea drops red drip on urban panorama
Foshan China 2023-03-09 19:14

As the Waking of Insects approaches, Bougainvillea takes over the whole city.

Flyover, footbridge, road... Bougainvillea conquers every spot to show off its beauty.

Bougainvillea blossoms on Guijiang Flyover are like red dragons with purple and red flakes.

Vehicles travel from one flower sea to another, keeping their eyes off Bougainvillea's temptation.

How about a waving flower belt? With it on, footbridge is proud to shine under sunlight.

Somehow, Bougainvillea climbs over the wall, peeking the school life it dreams to have.

Reporter | Eddie

Revisor | Linn

Photo丨Pearl River Times