Encounter with romantic spring in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-03-14 10:03

This year marks a significant year in promoting the ecological and green development concept in Guangdong. Foshan unswervingly promotes the construction of ecological civilization, and spares no effort to create a harmonious model between man and nature. Right here in Foshan, the blooming colorful flowers are all the romantic evidence in springtime.

It is time to enjoy the flowers in green and beautiful Guangdong. Let's start the romantic trip!

Sparkling yellow tabebuia chrysantha

A tree of yellow flowers looks like a bunch of soft yellow clouds hanging on the branches, depicting the beauty of early spring. It seems nothing is better than these sparkling yellow flowers to decorate the warm spring.

In the breeze, a string of yellow tabebuia chrysantha flowers are swaying in front of the Qingyun Tower.

The blue sky and the bright yellow flames interlace with each other, showing the most beautiful "contrast color" of spring in Foshan.

Fairy in spring: lively foxglove

The colorful flowers waving in the wind are like a paint plate overturned by the gentle spring, telling a romantic story.

Foxglove in full bloom is lively.

Foxglove in various color presents a colorful picture for citizens.


Don’t forget to record your precious moments in the flower sea.

Red and gorgeous bougainvillea

It's difficult to find a word to describe the red flower sea that shows people's great enthusiasm to life.

In front of the Foshan TV Tower, clusters of red bougainvillea are in full blossom.

In the Hanlin Lake, the beautiful bougainvillea are thriving all the way.

The bougainvillea flower sea looks like a waterfall.

Golden chrysanthemums

You can smell the fragrance as you get close to them.

In the Century Lotus Sport Center, chrysanthemums are in full blossom.

The most romantic thing in spring is to meet you in the "golden ocean".

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