Free book house unveiled in Jiandong Riverbank Park, Guicheng
Foshan China 2023-03-16 09:24

Have you ever been to a book house underneath a bridge? Dongjian Book House now officially launches in Jiandong Riverbank Park, Guicheng.

Covering an area of 100 square meters, Dongjian Book House is a new cultural reading space in Guicheng.

By integrating sightseeing, aesthetics, reading and social scene, this new landmark of urban aesthetic space uses such design technique as combination of square and circle, association of activity and tranquility.

Apart from its fine design, the book house also has massive number of books. Totaling about 5,500 volumes of books, this book house has various books ranging from children's books to world's classic masterpieces.

Equipped with 30 seats, it provides a leisure place for citizens to fully immerse in a world full of books. In addition, the book house is also equipped with self-service borrowing and returning machines, and electronic book borrowers. Citizens can use their ID card to enter and borrow books for free. Books can also be borrowed and returned in Foshan United Libraries.

The Book House is somewhere to get away from the city noise and relax with no stress. Sitting in the library, you can also enjoy infinite riverbank scenery. "Dongjian Book House is close to the bank of the Dongping River, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the book house, which is very special," said Miss Zhang, a local citizen.

It is worth mentioning that Jiandong Park, where the bookstore is located, is also a popular "water amusement park" in Guicheng. Here, you can spend your time in the book house, have fun with your family, and do some exercises in the park.


Spot: Dongjian Book House, Jiandong Park

Location: No. 58, Pingxi Avenue South, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan

Opening Hour: 8:00-22:00


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