Tabebuia chrysantha ushered in its peak blooming season in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-03-20 17:53

Seas of golden flowers hanging on the branches are brightening up the city all the way. In Foshan, tabebuia chrysantha is in full blossom in this warm spring. The golden flowers under the sunshine are showing their most charming vibe. When the breeze blows, yellow flowers are like ribbons swaying in the wind, gently greeting the romantic spring.

A beautiful lady walking through the tabebuia chrysantha trees. Photo taken at Hanlin Lake on March 7, 2023.

Visitors are recording the best moment. Photo taken at Shangxi Village in Jiujiang, Nanhai on March 10.

Tabebuia chrysantha in full blossom. Photo taken at Qifu Nanwan in Danzao, Nanhai on March 10.

Flowers in various colors are blooming. Photo taken at Xiqiao Mountain on March 4.

On March 5, a car boot fair was held next to the tabebuia chrysantha forest, where people can enjoy delicious food.

Tabebuia chrysantha flowers are blooming in Foshan New City.

Tabebuia chrysantha flowers in Wenhua Park, Chancheng District.

In Jili Middle School in Chancheng District, tabebuia chrysantha flowers are in full bloom, spreading the vigor of youth everywhere.

On March 8, by Fuwan Lake, Gaoming District, girls dressed in Hanfu showed a unique scene.

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