Tourism Attractions in Foshan received additional honor
Foshan China 2023-03-28 17:22

On March 24, 24 tourism attractions in Guangdong have been recognized as national 4A tourism attractions, with Zinan Cultural Attraction (Foshan) included.

Zinan cruise

As one iconic activity, Zinan Cruise allows visitors to capture famous scenery spots on this 5km journey, including Fruit and Vegetable Corridor, Rainbow Garden and Zinan Old Street.

Benevolence Museum

The culture of benevolence is one of the trump cards in Zinan. Built in 2018, Benevolence Museum includes Family Instruction Hall of Cantonese Family, Hall of Excellent People in Foshan and Zinan Village History Hall, displaying over 150 pieces of family instruction from traditional Chinese culture.


Zinan Village is filled with various special gardens, including Ren Garden with tons of Lingnan fruits and Fu Garden with over 100 types of Chinese characters "Fu".

Additionally, Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort is realized as the provincial tourism attraction.

Annecy Town

Located in the central area of the resort, Annecy Town has perfectly restored the appearance of Annecy in France, which allows people experience the unique charm of foreign architecture.

Egret Lake Natural Reserve

Close your eyes and feel the freshness brought by gentle breeze. It is the ideal place to chill and embrace the nature.

Duichuan Tea House

Leaning on a banyan tree, Duichuan Tea House is renovated from one 70-year tea factory. People could either explore the tea culture museum or read books at the cornet, feeling how time has sharped this place.

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