Qingming Festival | Recommended destinations to enjoy spring outings in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-04-04 15:13

April 5 marks the Qingming Festival. Qingming is one of the twenty-four solar terms and also a traditional festival in China.

Peach blossom, green willow and warm vernal rain, everything during this season gives us a feeling of freshness. In addition to the traditional customs of tomb sweeping, Qingming Festival has been a season for outing since ancient times. There are many good places in Foshan for spring outing in this season. Start a tour with your friends and families to embrace the nature!

Shunfeng Mountain Park

Shunfeng Mountain Park has abundant natural resources, vast forest and water area. The green mountains and clear water provide a particularly comfortable environment for the citizens nearby.

Now it is the season to enjoy flowers in Shunfeng Mountain Park. Let's start a romantic tour in this spring!

Location: Shunfeng Mountain Park, Nanguo Dong Road, Daliang Sub-district, Shunde District

Longjiang Beach

Located in the Southeast of Longjiang Town, Longjiang Beach is crowned as the "Shunde Bund". Fronting water and with a hill at the back, with fresh air and blooming flowers, Longjiang Beach is a good place for spring outing.

The Ganzhu power station in the Longjiang Beach was built in 1971, which has condensed the painstaking efforts of the older generation. Here, you can see the mottled piers and the mossy stone wall. Walking along the beach, you can feel the prosperity in the past and the beauty of nature.

Location: Gandian Avenue, Zuotan Village, Longjiang Town, Shunde District

Wangjiegang Forest Park

Located 8 kilometers away from the Northwest of Foshan, it lies in the west of the Dongping River and the north of Fen River. When you reach the peak, you can take a bird's eye view of the city.

As a circular mountain covering an area of 0.14 square kilometers, its history can be traced back to the volcanic lake of about 11,000 square meters 52 million years ago. Tourists can stand on the viewing platform to view the ancient volcanic site closely. The top of the hill is the highest point of Chancheng District.

The volcano tens of thousands of years ago is now a beautiful scenic spot. Citizens can jog, cycle here, and enjoy the fresh air in the city.

Nanhai Bay Forest Park

Nanhai Bay Forest Park is a National 4A-level tourist attraction, with the content of negative ion in the air up to 63,600 units/m³, which is a natural vacuum cleaner.

There are nearly one thousand waterfalls in the park. When walking in the park, it's quite cool and refreshing.

Nanhai Bay Forest Park, Qingyun Avenue, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District

Huagai Mountain Plank Path

In the downtown of Daliang, Shunde, there is a "green holy land" hidden in the pedestrian street. It is the plank path about 1600 meters long surrounding the mountain.

The trees on both sides are in lush green, making people relaxed and happy. The sunshine penetrates through the leaves, depicting a poetic picture in this spring.

Location: Huagai Mountain, Daliang Sub-district, Shunde District

Gaoming Duichuan Tea Plantation

Duichuan Tea Plantation in Gaoming has entered the season of spring tea harvest. You can follow the tea farmers to have a tea-picking experience trip. Just carrying the tea basket to pick a bud of leaves and then have a little taste of it , you can feel the magical change in taste from bitter to sweetness.

Location: Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort (No.218, Gaoming Avenue), Gaoming District.

Nandan Mountain Forest Park

In this season, Nandan Mountain Forest Park is filled with the vitality of spring. With streams distributed all over the Mountain, the rich negative ions make it an natural big oxygen bar.

After the spring rain, a magnificent picture of nature is presented in front of us. Clouds and mist in the mountain will make you feel like stepping in a fairy wonderland.

Location: Nandan Mountain Forest Park, Sanshui District

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