World Earth Day | Hi, This is Foshan
Foshan China 2023-04-22 22:22

April 22 marks the 54th World Earth Day, with the theme of "Earth for All". In recent years, Foshan has been continually promoting urban forestation and protecting natural resources through various measures.

Foshan, known as an ecological green city, embodies the harmonious blend of "mountains, water, forests, fields, lakes, and grass". Over the years, the city has coexisted with nature, living in balance with it. As you capture these beautiful moments in Foshan, you will surely be amazed.

Mountains and Rivers Everywhere                                                                                                                                                  

Surrounded by green hills and abundant in lush scenery, Foshan's forests are treasures beyond nature.

Foshan's forests paint a beautiful ecological picture that stretches for thousands of miles.

The Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area boasts captivating landscapes and is widely renowned as the "Beacon of Pearl River Delta". (Photo by Nanhai Xiqiao)

Zaomu Mountain, known as the peak of Foshan, is a popular destination among tourists. (Photo by Mei Yushan)

Shunfeng Mountain Park, a beautiful landmark in Shunde. (Photo by Zhou Yuyan)

Flocks of white egrets make for a picturesque scene in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District. (Photo by Nanshan Town)

Enchanting water town, picturesque splendor

Intersecting rivers crisscross throughout Foshan, creating a picturesque network of waterways. The ancient Lingnan water town exudes a unique charm that weaves together a captivating ecological picture.

Lishui Dreamy Water Town in Nanhai. (Photo by Zhao Haishan)

Lingnan Water Town depicts a special picture in aerial view. (Photo by Liu Shihui)

"Fengjian Water Town is widely recognized for its Lingnan water town vibe and it's a national AAA-level scenic spot. It has also been honored as "National Famous Village for Rural Tourism". (Photo by Qin Zhengpeng)

Egrets play along the Guipan River in Daliang, Shunde District. (Photo by Chen Zhiguang)

Countryside showing coexistence in harmony

Foshan is home to a number of unique agricultural parks that can fulfill your rural dreams. Follow us to discover the charm of Foshan in the countryside!

Anon Bay is a modern, comprehensive and eco-friendly green park in Zinan Village, Chancheng District. The park combines the charm of agricultural culture with a myriad of experiential activities, offering visitors an authentic taste of local farm life.

Xiqiao Fishpond and Farm Park is an ecological and agricultural theme park located beneath Xiqiao Mountain. It showcases the cultural heritage and farming traditions in Guangdong.

Lingyun Flower Valley Agricultural Park, located in Gaoming, has created a flower industry park spanning over 3,000 acres. (Photo by He Qianping)