Have a crush with reading at the bookstore in Wenhua park
Foshan China 2023-04-24 17:11

Commercial area, bustling markets, old streets... bookstores can be found at every corner in Foshan. How about the bookstore in a park?

Shangshu Wenhua Reading Space is located in the scenic Wenhua Park, adjacent to the music fountain and Foshan TV Tower. The lush courtyard will be your hospitable guide, showing warm welcome. Embraced by gentle breeze, you can start your reading journey with leaves whispering in your ears.

Stepping into the bookstore is like entering into a tranquil castle. Warm yellow light, wood-colored bookshelves... all items are well emplaced to create an idyllic atmosphere, making you chill and relax in no time. The city's hustle is washing away, even time has slowed down its move.

Surrounded by bright sunlight. the booth-style desks in front of the windows would be the ideal location for you to read or take a cozy break. On the walls, various kinds of books are clearly listed. Over 4,000 books are waiting for you to discover.

If reading is a journey, Shangshu Wenhua is the train taking us through history and traveling around the massive world.

In addition to its own collection, Shangshu Wenhua also utilizes the resources from Chancheng District Library to provide more professional, personalized, and diversified reading services. Citizens only need to bring their ID cards or reading cards to borrow 20 books at a time for free.

Shangshu Wenhua also provides good coffee. Sitting by the window and tasting coffee can make yourself immerse in warmth, freedom and comfort environment. In addition, there are also cultural and creative products such as purple clay pot and small sachet for sale.

Reading is never a solitary affair, but an intimate encounter with yourself, with others and with nature. Why not make a date?

Address: Wenhua Park south district, beside the music fountain, Chancheng, Foshan

Opening hours: 7:30-22:30 everyday

Reporter | Tang

Revisor | Eddie, Eleanor

Photo | Foshan Daily