Vibrant Xingang Park ready to welcome citizens and visitors
Foshan China 2023-05-06 17:24

On May 4, the pre-opening ceremony of the Vibrant Xingang Park located on the bank of the Dongping was held. The facilities in the park have been basically completed, with many citizens already exercising and walking here.

The gantry crane that was once used for terminal freight has been preserved, blending with the ecological greenery of the park and the waterfront avenue, becoming the most eye-catching scenery spot in the park. A number of former factory buildings have been cleverly upgraded and transformed into commercial spaces and urban pavilions.

At the westernmost position of the park, a large 3D steel structure fishing net sculpture is set up, with each angle of it presenting a different visual effect, and echoing the overall local fishing village culture.

Foshan Xingang Port was put into service in 1993. However, it ceased operation in 2019. As one of the largest ports in Guangdong, Xingang Port had played an important role in Foshan's export-oriented economic development. In 2019, Chancheng announced the plan to renovate and upgrade the Xingang Port, aiming to transform it into a landscape park.

Reporter | Tang

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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center