International Museum Day | Explore fascinating cultural heritages in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-18 17:43

May 18 marks the 47th annual International Museum Day. Museums throughout five districts in Foshan put the spotlight on the theme of "Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing" and organized dozens of fascinating exhibitions and educational events that offer rich and various cultural experiences for visitors. Join us on a journey to Foshan, the City of Museums, discover the hidden treasures that enrich the cultural heritage in Foshan.

Chancheng District

Foshan Ancient Ceramic Kiln Site Exhibition

Date: May 14 to July 23

Location: Chancheng District Museum

The Foshan Ancient Ceramic Kiln Site Exhibition kicked off at the Foshan Ancient Town Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall on May 18. The exhibition features 102 rare artifacts from eight Foshan museums, including pottery jars, dishes, utensils and tiles from the Tang, Song, and Qing Dynasties. Visitors can also find modern sculptures, glazed tiles, and eco-stone washbasins on display. Come and experience the rich cultural heritage in Foshan ancient town.

Additionally, on the evening of May 18 and May 20, the Foshan Ancient Town Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall will host an event with a script game called "Mystery of the Strange Painting", inviting young children to participate and experience the wonder of museums and learn about the traditional culture of Foshan. From May 20 to May 21, there is also a "Museum Carnival" that connects major museums and tourism resources in the city, offering free experiences for citizens to participate in various tourism routes.

Shiwan Flower Pot Treasures Exhibition

Date: On display until June 4th

Location: Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum

The exhibition features over 100 sets of Shiwan flower pots in various historical periods from the Ming Dynasties to modern times. It showcases the development and changes of Shiwan's garden ceramics over the years, offering visitors an up-close look at the precious cultural heritage of ancient flower pots.

Nanhai District

Cloisonne Art Exhibition

Date: April 21 to June 14 (closed on Monday)

Location: Nanhai Museum

Cloisonne is one of China's renowned metal crafts created by special techniques. It's particularly popular and in the Period of Jingtai during the Ming Dynasty. Cloisonne gets its name from the extensive use of "precious stone blue" and "peacock blue" glazes as the base layer, which were highly prized for its rich and vibrant colors. With its exquisite craftsmanship and unique artistic charm, Cloisonne has become a precious cultural heritage in China.

Cloisonne was originally a treasured plaything exclusively for imperial use, and it was gradually available in the market untill late Qing Dynasty. Cloisonne is exquisitely decorated, representing luxury and elegance. Follow the masters of arts and crafts to explore the artistic charm of Cloisonne, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this treasured artwork.

Shunde District

Traditional Costume Exhibition of Ethnic Minorities in Qiandongnan Prefecture

Date: May 13 to July 16

Location: Temporary Exhibition Hall 1, Shunde District Museum

This exhibition features 76 items showcasing the ethnic history and cultural traditions of Qiandongnan Prefecture, including clothing, silverware and embroidery. The exhibition aims to promote cultural exchange and tourism development between Foshan and Qiandongnan Prefecture, expanding both areas' tourism offerings and fostering closer collaboration.

Exhibition of Shunde's Century-Old Special Snacks

Date: April 28 to June 28

Location: Yueyaxuan Hall, Qinghui Garden Museum, Shunde District

The exhibition is divided into four parts. The first part is a collection of Dim Sum, featuring rare traditional Dim Sum artifacts that showcase the rich culture of Dim Sum. The second part explores the connection between solar terms and traditional Dim Sum culture. The third part introduces the historical origins of popular Dim Sum such as Daliang Bengsha (a crispy snack), Jiandui (fried pastries) and other oil-fried delicacies. The fourth part focuses on the global influence of Li Xiji brand and Daliang Bengsha (a crispy snack). Through this section, visitors can gain a better understanding of the cultural significance and widespread appeal of this iconic snack.

Gaoming District

Red Revolution Currency Exhibition

Date: Ongoing

Location: Mingcheng Branch of the Gaoming Century Coin Museum, Foshan

By presenting the revolutionary currency from different periods, this exhibition showcases the history and development of China's revolutionary finance system. It takes visitors on a journey through the different stages of China's revolutionary currency, highlighting the importance of finance in the history and the significant contribution made by the Chinese people to a prosperous and equal society.

Sanshui District

Sanshui Paleontological Fossil Exhibition

Date: Starting May 16, ongoing

Location: East Exhibition Hall, Second Floor, Sanshui District Museum

Sanshui District Museum has collected over 170 paleontological fossils in 2021. After two years of preparation, the museum launched the "Paleontological Fossil Exhibition" featuring locally found dinosaur eggs, bones, fishes, turtles, and bird footprints. It's worth mentioning that this is Sanshui's first public exhibition of its locally unearthed dinosaur eggs, which is a rare opportunity for the public to learn about the area's paleontological history.

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