Melon harvest cools Foshan's summer
Foshan China 2023-06-13 16:46

With the arrival of summer, various melons in Foshan welcome a good harvest. It is a good time for you to pick melons and enjoy them to the full. Here are some melon-picking tips for you.

Shishan watermelons

Shijie Village in Shishan Town, Nanhai District has a long history of planting watermelons for hundreds of years. The unique soil quality makes Shijie watermelon exceptionally sweet. As early as the early Republic of China, Shijie watermelon has been famous within the country.

According to the colors of the melon pulp, Shijie watermelons are usually divided into two types: red flesh melons and yellow flesh melons. Because of the sweet and juicy texture, Shijie watermelons attract a large number of loyal fans from surrounding areas who come specially for the taste.

Among them, the yellow flesh watermelons named "Yellow Kirin" are crispy and sweet with rich and unique flavor, while the red-flesh watermelons named "Taiwan Baby" feature thin skin and crunchy pulp. In addition, there is another kind of watermelon named "Honey Sweet" and it tastes exactly as sweet as honey.


Shijie Village, Yonghe Village, Nanhai District

Round-shape bitter gourds

Round-shape bitter gourds are a type of bitter gourds that are unique to Tanbian Village in Shishan, where has been a famous leading village for the production of round-shape bitter gourds. In 2002, the village was rated as "Round Shape Bitter Gourd Brand Village" by the local government.

Due to the fertile soil in Tianbian Village, round-shape bitter gourds are sweeter and thicker than other bitter gourds. The bitter gourds are cooked by local villagers in the most creative way, who turn the specialties into delicacies.


Nian Nian Hao Jing Restaurant

Leping pear melons

The pear melons of Leping Town, Sanshui District have a better and sweeter taste than other pear melons in the surrounding areas. With unique climate and geographical conditions as well as the careful cultivation of melon farmers, Leping owns the largest planting area of pear melons in Guangdong Province.

On June 9, the first Bay Area Riverside Camping Festival in Sanshui and the fifth Pear Melons Cultural Festival in Leping kicked off and will run for ten days. Visitors are welcome to join the event and taste the fabulous pear melons.

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