Urban oasis in Gaoming refresh the summer
Foshan China 2023-06-15 17:10

In Foshan, there are many forest parks in Gaoming district, which are urban oasis and especially good places to relax yourself in summer. Let's take a look.

Binjiang Wetland Park

Binjiang Wetland Park is a comprehensive and open ecological space with multiple functions such as living, leisure and recreation for the purpose of ecological protection. Relying on the landscape construction of Binjiang, the park creates a night view with the integration of urban park and the nature by applying the lighting effects in the water.


Suitable for morning exercise, walking and appreciating wonderful night view

NanPeng Mountain Forest Park

Nanpeng Mountain Forest Park, closest to the central urban area of Gaoming and with the most completed supporting facilities, is a real-life fairyland, attracting many citizens to come and relax.


A boardwalk is especially set for mountain hiking.

Linggui Park

Standing on the Guifeng Mountain, the Linggui Pagoda overlooks Xiqiao Mountain and the Xijiang River, maintaining its own unique charm in historical changes.

Every summer, lotus is blooming the park with captivating scent, making the park one of the most popular places for visitors to enjoy summer vibe.

In addition, the ruins of the ancient kilns of Tang Dynasty are hidden in the park. There are also the Gaoming Century Coin Museum and the Kunzhong Camera Museum nearby, which are always preferred by history lovers and coin collectors.


A park with convenient transportation and perfect facilities

A combination of traditional architecture and modern plaza

Xiuli River Park

With Xiuli river passing through the central urban area of Gaoming and integrating the elements of Lingnan culture, the park provides multi-functional facilities, such as cycling and walking greenways, for leisure, viewing, amusement and sports.


With outstanding greening facilities, the park is a good place for taking a walk and cycling.

Minghu Park

As the largest urban park in Gaoming District, Minghu Park has been rated as the "Top Ten most beautiful parks in Foshan", and is one of the best choices for citizens and tourists to embrace the nature and relax themselves.


Lights show on weekends and during holidays is an extra highlight.

Taikang Mountain Park

Characterized by agriculture and forestry eco-tourism and sports, Taikang Mountain Park please tourists with its picturesque natural landscape. Covering a total area of more than 4,000 mu and accounting for the forest coverage rate of 78.11%, the park owns abundant ecological tourism resources, including forests, mountains, hills, lakes, etc.


A natural oxygen bar and a good choice for a relaxing getaway on weekends

Yunyong Forest Park

Yunyong Forest Park is one of the most beautiful forest parks in China and the first forest experience base in Guangdong Province. In the park, lush greenery and fresh air make visitors feel relaxing.


Yunlong Waterfall, Feima Mountain Reservoir and Jilong Mountain

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