Summer Getaway | Places to escape heatwaves in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-06-19 17:56

Where to escape from the heat in this hot summer? Slides, watersheds, wave pools... Fun water spots in Foshan will surely refresh your summer! Here is a "water map" for you to have cool experience.

OCT Harbour PLUS

Maya Beach Water Park in OCT Harbour PLUS, crowned as the most fashionable new landmark in the Greater Bay Area, have more than 20 advanced water facilities, which are all imported from aboad.

10,00 square meters artificial wave pool, water roller coaster, vertical slide, monster warehouse, bowl-shape time tunnel...these water games will definitely amaze you!

Yingxiang Ecological Park

Jiuzhai Water Park in Yingxiang Ecological Park is already open to the public! Water splashing, water street dance, Hawaiian dance, clown show, dreamy bubble show, etc, a cool carnival is right here waiting for you.

Hawaii Water City located in the green forest is composed of children's pool and standard pool. With spring water coming from the Lingyun Mountain, the water in the area is cool and fresh.

Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort

Get ready for a summer "wet battle"! With more than ten thrilling water attractions including the super loudspeaker, the sky twister, and the wave pool at Beiqiu Sea, you’ll be screaming with excitement and never want to leave!

Want to experience weightlessness and capture stunning photos? Four 110-meter-long rainbow slides in the resort will offer an unforgettable experience for you!

Not feeling wild enough? Join the water carnival to relax yourself! With 360-degree high-pressure water guns spraying in all directions and the DJ's rhythm pumping up the atmosphere, you will put down all your pressure here!

Jiudaogu Rafting

Located in Nanshan Town, Sanshui, Jiudaogu Natural Ecological Tourism Area is one of the top ten rafting destinations in Guangdong. Currently, it offers a variety of projects such as wild rafting, water park, and characteristic homestay, making it a comprehensive and integrated ecological tourism resort that combines trendy sports, exquisite life, health and wellness, and leisure entertainment.

At Jiudaogu Natural Ecological Tourism Area, you can immerse yourself in a pristine subtropical forest and ride a small kayak through the river. You'll experience a thrilling rush as you plunge from high above. It's an exciting adventure that's not to be missed!

Sanshui Lotus World

At the Lotus World, you can enjoy a variety of water entertainment facilities, including wave pool, a horn-shape large water slide, and a racing slide. You don’t have to go to the beach to experience the thrill of surfing, which you can get here.

There's also a large-scale parent-child water fort, which is perfect for parents to bring their children to play in the water! Multiple slides and various water activities will take you on an exciting adventure, letting you fully enjoy the summer vibes!

Nandan Mountain Forest Kingdom

Located in the northern part of Sanshui District, Nandan Mountain Forest Kingdom offers thrilling forest adventure sports such as canyon zipline, treetop walkway, jungle leap, etc. It also features a water park that's perfect for families.

The water in Nandan Mountain Water Park comes from a mountain spring, giving you a refreshing and cool feeling. With water guns, floating devices, and a range of other water facilities, you can experience the joy of water fights and relax while having fun!

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