Explore the Beautiful Lakes of Foshan: A Captivating Journey Awaits!
Foshan China 2023-06-20 12:58

Foshan, a picturesque Lingnan water town, boasts a network of rivers and lakes that resemble exquisite pearls. Join us on a journey to discover stunning lakes in Foshan, where you can experience refreshing tranquility and poetic beauty.

1. Chancheng District

Green Island Lake

Covering an area of 9.69 square kilometers, Green Island Lake encompasses such areas as the Central Lake, South Lake and Wetland Park. Formerly a waste grassland, it has now transformed into an urban industrial zone and an ecological park.

The most enchanting area of Green Island Lake is the crescent-shaped island at its center, where numerous egrets find solace. Notably, it is also home to the nationally protected species, the White Egret.

Asian Art Lake

This summer, make sure to visit Asia Art Lake nestled within the Asia Arts Park! The picturesque Lotus Island in Asian Art Lake has unveiled its ethereal beauty, offering stunning photo opportunities at every turn.

Covering an expansive water area of 26.6 hectares, Asian Art Lake showcases the elegance of Asian art through terrific designs incorporating architecture, sculptures, plants, bridges, and other artistic elements.

Xiuli Lake

Xiuli Lake, nestled within Zhongshan Park, was transformed from a wash into a scenic artificial lake through the efforts of 135,000 volunteers. The lake was named after Xiang Xiuli, a young female worker who bravely sacrificed her life while extinguishing a fire.

Today, Xiuli Lake is a cherished place for locals to indulge in boating, observing colorful carps, and appreciating the graceful lotus flowers. The centerpiece of the lake is the magnificent Hero Tower, an ancient-style building erected in 1959, which once served as a beloved teahouse for the elderly residents of Foshan.

Shiwan Lake

Situated within Shiwan Park, Shiwan Lake is an artificial lake dug in the 1950s. Throughout the year, the lake captivates visitors with its beautiful and alluring scenery and is adjacent to the famous tourist attraction, Nanfeng Ancient Kiln.

Strolling along the lake, you can feast your eyes on the impressive ceramic sculpture "The Ceramic Maiden," recognized as the world's largest of its kind. Additionally, the lake area features the grand "Light of China" ceramic column group, depicting the glorious history of China spanning five millennia. Immerse yourself in the exquisite charm of ceramic art, as showcased by the innovative creations of esteemed ceramic masters from both China and abroad.

2. Nanhai District

Qiandeng Lake

Located in Guicheng, Qiandeng Lake covers an area of approximately 302 mu, with a lake surface of about 88,000 square meters.

As an open-style park, Qiandeng Lake forms a beautiful scenery where the lake, mountains, and green trees complement each other with 1,300 colorful landscape lights, captivating visitors during the day with its picturesque landscape, and enchanting them at night with neon lights.

Yingyue Lake

Covering an area of 43,000 square meters, Yingyue Lake was built in 2015 with the theme of moon. Strolling along the lake, you'll encounter lush green lawns, small bridges over rippling waters, and gentle willows swaying in the breeze.

Tingyin Lake

Situated at the northern foot of Xiqiao Mountain, Tingyin Lake area covers an area of 3.7 square kilometers, boasting the widest artificial waterfall in Guangdong. You can immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Lingnan Water Town.

Xian Lake

Xian Lake, as the second-largest lake in Nanhai District, covers an area of over 1,600 mu. Surrounded by green hills and clear waters, it presents a magnificent blue hue on the lake surface, resembling a vast sea. The entire tourism resort is filled with poetic and vibrant scenery, exuding a fresh and natural atmosphere.

3. Shunde District

Qingyun Lake

Qingyun Lake covers an area of 653.6 mu, occupying a significant portion of Shunfeng Mountain Park. The lake is surrounded by lush trees, adorned with pavilions and towers, and the scenic path along the lake offers a delightful sight.

The crystal-clear lake water, illuminated by the sunlight, resembles a massive emerald, shimmering with a subtle green glow. During the summer, walking from the archway towards the lake, you can enjoy the sight of blooming lotus flowers.

4. Gaoming District

Xikeng Reservoir

Xikeng Reservoir is one of the two medium-sized reservoirs in Gaoming District. The reservoir is surrounded by lush forests, exuding a sense of tranquility.

You'll be greeted by a vibrant green landscape that becomes increasingly beautiful as you explore further. Once you reach the reservoir, it feels like stepping into a charming and dreamlike paradise.

At night, gazing up at the starry sky is a mysterious experience, offering a different kind of enchantment.

Shenbushui Reservoir

Shenbu Reservoir has a catchment area of 30.94 square kilometers, making it the largest reservoir in the Foshan area.

Against the backdrop of blue skies, white clouds, and green mountains, the reservoir presents a picturesque landscape.

5. Sanshui District

Yundonghai North Lake

Amidst the bustling and vibrant Sanshui New Town, groups of egrets find solace and dwell freely. This is the treasure-like Yundonghai National Wetland Park, an oasis within the city, an ideal sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle.

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