Summer getaway ②| Enjoy 18℃ summer in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-06-30 14:47

The weather has been incredibly hot lately. In such scorching condition, have you ever thought about escaping the bustle to embrace the refreshing nature? Follow this travel guide for Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Areas in Foshan, where you can experience a cool summer with temperatures as low as 18℃.

Summer retreat destination - Shiyan Cave

Shiyan Cave is a cool and refreshing place to escape from the summer heat. As soon as you step inside, you will feel a gentle breeze blowing to your face.

Shici Hall, a haven from the summer heat, boasts a natural air conditioning system at its cave entrance, effortlessly dispelling the sweltering air and leaving visitors in comfort.

Destination with rich negative ions - Jiulong Cave

Jiulong Cave is known for its high concentration of negative ions in the air.

As you ascend along the Jiulong Cave, ancient vines and trees can be seen everywhere, with their unique and eye-catching shapes.

In summer, when seeking relief from the heat, you can shuttle through the flowing streams in the mountain valley, taking deep breaths and enjoying the scent of flowers.

Summer paradise - Baiyun Cave

In Baiyun Cave, springs flow down from the mountain, and the lake within captures all the shimmering view. Natural wonders like steep cliffs, exquisite rock carvings, and cascading waterfalls are artfully condensed in this hidden paradise.

On a scorching summer day, standing in front of the waterfall, you can feel a refreshing breeze. Touching the flowing water, you can relief from the busy work.

In this hot summer, it's a good choice to immerse yourself in nature, shedding the sweltering heat and exhaustion of our everyday lives.

Recommended Weekend Itinerary

DAY1: Hike up the mountain (flower sea along the way) - Jiulong Cave - Shiyan Cave - Lunch at a farmhouse restaurant on the mountain - Tea Garden - B&B in the mountain

DAY2: Cui Cave - Dong Lake - Baofeng Temple - Dinner (Xiqiao Mountain Vegetarian Restaurant) - Tianhu Park - Walk down the mountain to Baiyun Cave

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Photo | Nanhai Release, Xiqiao Mountain