Summer Getaway ⑧ | Discover the most romantic ecological path in Guangdong
Foshan China 2023-08-21 14:46

Are you looking for a cool place to escape the scorching summer heat? Today, I recommend to you the "most romantic ecological path in Guangdong". It offers breathtaking scenery and fascinating stories, making it a must-visit destination for your weekend getaway.

Sixianjiao Ecological Path is located in Xinan Sub-District in Sanshui District, Foshan. Spanning approximately 4 kilometers, this path is a natural ecological path that follows the main streams of the Xijiang River and Beijiang River. It is a place where the Xijiang, Beijiang, and Suijiang rivers converge, and it has preserved the unique natural landscape while also showcasing historical and cultural resources such as the heroic deeds of Chen Baisha and He Weibai. The path fully embodies the value of natural ecology in terms of aesthetics, humanities, and science.

The ecological path is approximately 4 kilometers long and is located in Jianggen Village, Xinan Sub-District, Sanshui District. It starts from Kundu Mountain near Jianggen Village and runs south along Sixianjiao Ecological Path to Sanshui Port. The section is equipped with pedestrian paths, running tracks, and cycling lanes, providing convenience for residents to engage in fitness activities. Along the way, there are attractions such as Kundu Mountain Forest Park, Wuxian Ancient Temple, He Weibai Reading Hall, and Yuncong Park, which are available for visitors to visit and relax.

Sixianjiao boasts a profound cultural and historical legacy that dates back nearly a millennium. During the Ming Dynasty, the eminent scholar of Neo-Confucianism, Chen Baisha, stood atop Kundu Mountain and was captivated by the magnificent view, penned the characters "思贤" (Si Xian). Since then, the area has been known as Sixianjiao, a testament to its enduring connection to wisdom and virtue.

The serene water and verdant trees of Sixianjiao Ecological Path provide a beautiful backdrop to the village, contrasting with the profound human stories depicted in the sculptures of Jianggen Village.

Jianggen Village offers a variety of guesthouses for accommodation. While savoring the local specialty of river seafood, visitors can explore the scenic attractions through informative signposts and introductions. Along the way, convenient rest stops are available for travelers to take a break.

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