Shining Seasons Art Exhibition Debuts in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-09-05 15:29

Do you want to relax and get closer to cultural life after a long day of tiring work? Until October 8, visitors can immerse themselves into a unique night-time art experience at the Shining Seasons Art Exhibition in Foshan. This exceptional art exhibition offers visitors a one-stop night experience of the colorful four seasons through the art of lights and the combinations of different colors.

The changing of seasons over the course of a year is precisely what this special exhibition seeks to present. With an exhibition area of 700 square meters, the venue is divided into four zones: Awakening of Spring, Midsummer Dream, Autumn Sonata, and Winter Light.

Each different area of the exhibition is associated with highly recognizable colors that corresponds to the emotions of the four seasons.

In the Awakening of Spring zone, two giant butterflies dance amidst blooming flowers, creating a vibrant spectacle.

In the Midsummer Dream zone, water ripples create a mysterious ocean, with sparkling marine creatures freely swimming, allowing visitors to experience the freedom of the underwater world.

In the Autumn Sonata zone, branches are adorned with orange maple leaves or scattered on the ground. Mushroom and pinecone-shaped lights illuminate the entire space, overflowing with the joy of harvest.

In the Winter Light zone, a giant simulated tree shines brightly with colorful lights, with an adorable little deer surrounded. Visitors can embark on a dreamy journey in the "ice and snow".

Here, you can measure the changing seasons with your footsteps and immerse yourself in the change of four seasons, feeling the passage of time and contemplating the present and future.

At the exhibition, more than 30 limited-edition original design products will be available for purchase, including stationery, furniture, cups, umbrellas, folders, etc., integrating the four seasons into daily life and thus extending the exhibition experience.

With its stunning scenes, beautiful lighting, and immersive spatial art IP, this exhibition is truly a perfect place to visit and take photos. Welcome to discover the allure of the fantastic art show.


The exhibition offers various discounted ticket options, including gift packages, student tickets, double tickets, and parent-child tickets. You can check and purchase tickets on the official WeChat account "澳门恒动策划" and the official mini-program "感光四季创意特展".

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 15:00-24:00; Saturday and Sunday, 11:00-24:00

Location: Building 21 Art Museum, Foshan Creative Industry Park

Reporter | Christy

Revisor | Eleanor, Lynn

Photo | Foshan Creative Industry Park