Chancheng's Treasured Parks: A Nostalgic Journey for Foshan Residents
Foshan China 2023-10-18 17:42

Speaking of parks in Foshan's Chancheng District, what would you come up with? You might think of the zoo adventure in Zhongshan Park, train tour in Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center, or flying kites in Jihua Park. Many citizens have memorable childhood in these parks. How about you?

Zhongshan Park

Opened in 1930, Zhongshan Park is the first citizen park in Foshan, which now has over 93 years of history. In 1999, Zhongshan Park introduced a zoo, making it more popular among citizens.

Nowadays, it is still a hot spot for amusement across generations. Old generation would hang up here, playing Tai Chi, chess and singing Cantonese Opera. Even youth can find their perfect spots for basketball in Zhongshan Park.

Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center

In 1986, Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center was open to the public. In a long period, it was known as the "Disneyland" in Foshan. Especially the little train, people queuing up for it has filled up the whole center during its peak hours.

On October 1, 2022, Foshan Amusement Park Recreation Center reopened to the public since the modification and upgrading, embracing its second life.

Jihua Park

Built in 1994, Jihua Park has been the perfect place for flying kites and playing with bubbles, benefiting from its vast area.

Now, Chancheng has been filled with various parks for entertainment. Why not to pause your work, visit these parks and review your lovely childhood?


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