Embrace the Festive Vibe at Foshan's Flower Markets
Foshan China 2024-02-02 09:36

As the Spring Festival nearly arrives, what would be the authentic way to celebrate? That must be visiting flower markets and having a bunch of new year's flowers with best wishes. Check out some iconic and characteristic flower markets in Foshan.

Wenhua Flower Market in Changcheng District

Wenhua Flower Market has 310 booths, covering four major sections, New Year's flower, New Year's purchase, peach blossom and tangerine, and recreation. Additionally, there are 30 booths reserved for public benefit activities.

During the event, there will be various performance held, such as Spring Festival Party, live concert, lion dance and Hanfu parade.

Meanwhile, there will be a flash mob performed by lion dancers, Dong minority, merchant representatives, delivery mans and other groups on February 5.

Duration: Feb.5 - Feb.9

Location: Wenhua Park, Chancheng District

Lishui Water Flower Market in Nanhai District

From January 31 to February 9, Lishui Water Flower Market will be held in Lishui Town, Nanhai District. Activities like Water Piaose, Fairy Parade, Trendy Booths are arranged to offer an interesting and trendy experience.

Apart from the flower lanterns with the latest Chinoiserie feature, Piaose Performance on Water, which is one Lingnan folklore with 250 years of history, will be newly introduced this year. Plentiful intangible cultural heritage lanterns will cruise.

And there is also the Twelve Flower Fairies Parade.

The 2024 Xiqiao Town Spring Flower Market and Lion King Parade

From January 26th to February 9th (excluding New Year's Eve), the 2024 Xiqiao Town Spring Flower Market and Lion King Parade will take place in the Tingyin Lake area of Xiqiao Town.

Starting on January 26th until February 9th, a flower and New Year goods selling area will be set up on both sides of Qiaoshan Avenue.

The Tingyin Square Market will be held from January 26th to February 9th, featuring over 80 cultural and creative markets, car trunk markets, and gaming area booths.

Daliang Flower Market

From February 3 to February 9, Daliang Flower Market will open at Shunde OCT HARBOUR. After strolling through the flower street, visitors can continue to indulge in dining, entertainment, and shopping there.

Savoring Shunde: A Culinary Journey in Guangdong' Lingnan New Year Flavor Food Carnival and the 40th Chencun Spring Flower Market

The event will kick off on January 31st at the Chencun Flower World. Nearly ten thousand varieties of Lunar New Year flowers and unique floral products will be showcased, including a specially designed area featuring both 'Traditional Chinese Style' and 'Modern Pop' styles to meet the diverse preferences of consumers.

2024 Wenta Spring Temple Fair: Traditional New Year Activities

From January 30th to February 9th, the 2024 Wenta Spring Flower Street & Food Festival will be held in Wenta Park for ten consecutive days.

Various Lunar New Year activities and performances are scheduled during this lively event.

Gaoming District's 2024 Spring Flower Market, Real Estate Expo, and New Year Shopping Festival

Date: January 31 to February 9

Location: Next to Minghu Park Phase II (Dade North Road)

With 235 booths, offering a one-stop destination for flower shopping, general merchandise, and entertainment!

Gaoming Dragon Year Feast

Content: A feast for a thousand people, sharing the delightful flavors of Gaoming with signature local dishes such as Gaoming Sanbao Goose, Laifen, and Kudzu Root.

Date: February 12-14

Location: Binhe Park, Gaoming District

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