Grand Opening of Foshan's Largest Flower Market in Chencun, Shunde
Foshan China 2024-02-05 09:16

On February 1, the "Savoring Shunde: A Culinary Journey in Guangdong" Lingnan Spring Festival Food Carnival and the 40th Spring Flower Market kicked off in Chencun, Shunde District. 

The event marks the grandest celebration in Foshan this year, boasting the largest scale, the most diverse categories. 

Concurrently held with the Global Spring Festival Goodies Festival, Lingnan Spring Festival Food Carnival, and the Spring Festival Kumquat Cultural Promotion Month, the main venue is set in the Flower World, featuring over 300 stalls offering a plethora of delicacies, flowers, games, cultural and creative products, and Spring Festival goods. 

Additionally, along Fanghua Avenue and Flower Avenue, over 500 stalls have opened their doors, creating a lively atmosphere.

Reporter | Serena

Revisor | Eleanor, Lynn

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center