Spectacular Tabebuia chrysantha Blooms in Foshan
Foshan China 2024-02-29 16:52

On February 27, despite the lingering chill of spring, visitors entering Danzhi Garden in Lubao Town, Sanshui District, were greeted by a vast expanse of radiant tabebuia chrysantha.

Approaching closer, one could see clusters of blossoms adorning the branches, resembling strands of wind chimes. A gentle breeze brushed by, the flowers sway gently, exuding the vibrant essence of spring.

Located adjacent to the Wenquan Resort Hotel in Lubao Town, Sanshui District, Danzhi Garden spans an area of approximately 100 mu, specializing in the cultivation of tabebuia chrysantha, jacarandas, kapok trees, and others.

On February 27th, the tabebuia chrysantha in Danzhi Garden in Lubao Town, Sanshui District, were already in full bloom, with citizens and tourists snapping photos under the trees, capturing the rare beauty of spring.

During interviews, it was observed that many tourists from nearby cities such as Guangzhou and Zhaoqing came to admire the flowers that morning. Miss Wang, who specifically traveled from Zhaoqing for taking photos.

Tabebuia chrysantha blooms every spring, with flowers appearing before leaves for a period of about 20 days. Their bright flower colors make them highly attractive and have gradually become popular in recent years.

During visits to Datang Town and Leping Town in Sanshui District, it was discovered that multiple flower and tree nurseries, as well as roadside tabebuia chrysantha, had entered their flowering period. Extensive stretches of tabebuia chrysantha were in full bloom, creating a sea of golden blossoms and attracting tourists for sightseeing.

On February 27, in Huangpugang Village, Datang Town, extensive stretches of tabebuia chrysantha were brilliantly blooming.

On February 27, in Li Village, Datang Town, extensive stretches of tabebuia chrysantha were gradually entering their flowering period, with some trees already in full bloom, adorned with clusters of blossoms, vibrant and captivating.

On February 27, along Liyun Road in Leping Town, Sanshui District, tabebuia chrysantha on both sides of the road were in full, brilliant bloom.

The blooming golden flowers swayed in the wind, resembling strings of wind chimes dancing in the breeze, creating a lively springtime scene that is truly delightful.

Reporter | Serena

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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center