Capture the Romance Among Blooming Rapeseed Flowers in Nanhai, Foshan
Foshan China 2024-03-13 09:26

March is the perfect time to visit Foshan and enjoy the sea of flowers! Various flowers such as yellow kapok, cosmos, bougainvillea, and rapeseed flowers have draped the city in a romantic filter.

Follow us into the Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, where you can freely explore the "Flower World" and capture beautiful moments.

The Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park is themed around "agricultural cultivation and scholarly pursuits," integrating agricultural planting, ecological leisure, and science education into a comprehensive rural complex. It is an important carrier for the dual-track development of economic and ecological construction in Danzao Town.

In the Hanlin Lake Agricultural Park, the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom, shining brightly.

Walking along the path among the flowers, you will be immediately engulfed in a golden sea. The faint fragrance of flowers fills the air, bringing a sense of peace and joy.

Looking around, the canola flowers are arranged in a charming manner, swaying gracefully in the warm spring breeze. Groups of butterflies and bees flutter among them, creating a strong sense of spring.

Find a sunny day and a good spot to experience chill time in the fields and capture this spring journey.

Reporter | Eleanor

Revisor | Lynn, Eddie

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center