Foshan Expands Green Space with 400,000 Square Meters of Park
Foshan China 2024-03-21 14:51

On March 12, Dali (Nanhai) initiated the Tree Planting Activity and held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of three major parks along the central axis of Denghu Lake.

On the event day, the construction officially began for Denghu Lake Central Axis Park (partial construction), the renovation and upgrade of Jiulong Park, and the transformation of Yayao Xiangji Four Seasons Agricultural Park. The total investment amounts to 150 million yuan, covering an area of 460 mu, with plans for completion by the end of this year.

Integration of Expansive Water Play Areas and Green Ecological Spaces

The second phase of Denghu Lake Central Axis Park fully incorporated the features of Lingnan water towns, with the entire space reflecting the dense river networks. Pathway system connects different areas into a joint whole, featuring expansive sunny lawns for citizens of all ages to enjoy leisure activities.

Furthermore, the third phase of Denghu Lake Central Axis Park will connect with Qian Denghu Lake water system. A vast waterfront space will be featured, providing residents with a doorstep "water paradise". Soft-line design and colorful play scenes combine to create a parent-child space integrating play, climbing, and water fun.

Unlocking New Experiences with Multiple Facilities

Taking inspiration from "0757 Happy Planet" and lion dance, Jiulong Park plans to add trendy staircases and slides, creating a unique landmark in Nanhai. The overall plan includes terrain transformation and water systems upgrade, better utilization of area and introduction of facilities. Various facilities such as slide sand pits, climbing nets, and tribal houses will provide an amazing experience for everyone.

Notably, it has specifically designed an advanced skateboard track for teenagers and children. The trendy and colorful graffiti design style creates an energetic atmosphere for extreme sports.

Natural Wetland Oxygen Bar within the City

Yayao Xiangji Four Seasons Park will be integrated and divided into three main thematic areas: suburban parks, wetland parks, and agricultural sightseeing parks.

The suburban park will be themed around "Forest Adventure", incorporating natural elements such as tree shadows, rocks, and insects, along with facility setups, to create an all-age agricultural base full of care and joy.

The wetland park will be transformed around the original ecological ponds, upgrading low-lying ponds into a one-stop enjoyment of natural wetland oxygen bars with waterfront scenery.

The picturesque landscape agricultural sightseeing park, with the theme of "light intervention", will feature large-scale planting of crops and flower seas, allowing visitors to wander freely in the flower seas and fields.

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