April Extravaganza in Foshan: Concerts, Exhibitions, and Cultural Showcases Await
Foshan China 2024-04-09 17:20

As April unfolds, Foshan beckons residents and visitors alike to partake in a series of culturally enriching events. From concerts paying homage to musical legends to exhibitions showcasing contemporary artistry, Foshan will be abuzz with activity, offering a diverse array of experiences for attendees to enjoy.

BEYOND Classic Hits Concert

Kicking off the festivities is a special concert dedicated to the iconic Hong Kong rock band, BEYOND. This musical extravaganza promises to be a treat for fans, offering a nostalgic journey through the band's timeless classics.

Date: 7:30 PM, April 27

Address: Qionghua Theatre, Chancheng District, Foshan

ART PATRON I. (Volume One) Collector's Exhibition

The exhibition showcases the works of acclaimed artist Zhu Jianzhong. He challenges conventional artistic boundaries by exploring the transformative potential of negative space. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in Zhu's distinctive artistic vision, underscoring the power of visual expression.

Frozen Worlds by Huang Haiqin (Photo/Moodrn Art)

Duration: March 16- April 28

Address: MOORDN Art Lounge, Chancheng District, Foshan

Appointment & Contact: WeChat Official Account: @魔灯院MOORDN ART

*Visit by Appointment

Embracing the New and Cherish the Old: Songxian Handicrafts and Collectibles Sharing Exhibition

Photo provided by Sensing Bookstore

In this exhibition, delve into the ceramic world of Songxian and appreciate their collected artifacts up close.

Photo provided by Sensing Bookstore

Duration: March 23rd - April 7th (Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00)

Address: Sensing Bookstore, No. 27-1, Chuihong Road, Chancheng District

*Free admission

Youth Artist Program Eighth Edition Exhibition: "GIVING"

Photo provided by Hidden Gallery

This exhibition focuses on the mutual achievements behind the exchange of "gifts" through the tangible artistic creations of nine artists.

Duration: Monday to Sunday 12:00-22:00, Tuesday Closed

Address: Hidden Gallery Thupas No.74 Tapo St. Tapo Neighborhood Committee, Zumiao, Foshan City

Mark your calendars and join us in Foshan for an unforgettable April filled with culture, art, and celebration!


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