Enjoy Tranquil Slow life in Fengjian Watertown, Shunde
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In Shunde, Fengjian Watertown is a place suitable for leisure strolls and contemplation. How can you make the most of your visit there? Here is a tour guide for you to have a wonderful trip in this beautiful village.

Shunde Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports

Walking Route Guide:

Fengjian/Yaoyan CPLUS (Fengjian Visitor Service Center) - Renkou Culture Park - Shishi Lane Bridge - Guo Family's Ancestral Hall - Boat Dock Museum - Juji Bridge - Hezhi Aesthetics Hall (Hezhiliang Ancestral Hall) - Jinshi Archway - Food Street - Yonghe Academy - Jue Miao Jing Yuan - Mingyuan Bridge - Song Shenzheng Li's Ancestral Hall - Liu Family's Ancestral Hall - Jin'ao Bridge.

Route Length: 3 kilometers

Duration: 45 minutes walk

Water Route Guide:

Experience Traditional Boat Cruise

Route Length: 3 kilometers

Duration Time: 30-45 minutes

Boarding Points: Juji Bridge Boat Pier, Mingyuan Bridge Pier

Experience Creative Boat Cruise

Route Length: 3 kilometers

Duration Time: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Experience Items: Water paddling/Canoeing/Kayaking/Small Dragon Boat/ Boating Photography

Activity Places: Fengjian/Yaoyan CPLUS Water Terminal (formerly Visitor Service Center)

Five Things to Experience the  "Slow Life" in Fengjian

Feel the Charm of Fengjian

Fengjian Watertown is a national AAA-level tourist attraction and lives up to its reputation. It includes small bridges, flowing water, houses, blue-gray walls, and stone-paved roads, showing the characteristics and tranquility of the Lingnan ancient village.

Boat Cruise

There is a boat pier in Fengjian where boats cruise from here along the village's small river. The staff who drive the boat will sing songs and share Fengjian's history and culture, giving tourists a pleasant experience.

Stroll the Cultural Street

Similar to most ancient towns, Fengjian includes many historical streets and souvenir streets, with many famous Cantonese and Shunde snacks.

Enjoy Shunde Special Food

A variety of Shunde snacks, such as double-skinned milk, ginger milk, sesame paste, and more, are available for you to choose. Alternatively, you can also choose a quaint Shunde private kitchen to embark on your unique tasting journey.

In Fengjian Watertown, many ancient ancestral halls have been revitalized into cafes and cultural innovation stores. You can find a quiet spot when you're here and savor a peaceful time.

Stroll Through the Ancient Village Streets and Alleys

Ancient trees, bridges, and buildings next to the river, even if you do nothing just walk through the streets and alleys, you still can feel the atmosphere of the village. On rainy days, you can get a unique scene in this watertown, and photos taken from any angle are picturesque.

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