A Longjiang's Bookstore Receives New National-level Honor
Foshan China 2024-04-19 15:23

Recently, the list of TOP 60 "Most Beautiful Village Public Cultural Spaces (Innovation Category)" and the TOP 20 "Most Beautiful Village Public Cultural Spaces (Space Design Category)" are released. Among them, Zuotan 3500 Bookstore, which is located in Longjiang Town, Shunde Shunde District, Foshan, made it to the list.

Zuotan 3500 Bookstore

The bookstore was converted from an old silkworm house. With simple and elegant design style, it has unique newspapers and books, and also fragrant coffee and tea drinks. Moreover, this bookstore integrates reading, cultural creativity, education and training, and catering, creating a literary and artistic reading place for citizens.

Zuotan 3500 Bookstore

The bookstore is divided into two floors, with each one serving for different functionalities. The first floor includes the coffee and reading area, while the second floor is the lecture area with tiered seating. Citizens can either enjoy coffee peacefully or indulge in reading. In such nice environment, people could enjoy the reading and feel the power of words.

Zuotan 3500 Bookstore

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