Discover the Charm of 'Scholar Village' in Foshan's Chancheng District
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Foshan's Lichong Village, renowned for its rich history of producing scholars, is experiencing a cultural revival, drawing tourists and locals alike to its storied streets. Once a quiet corner of the city, Lichong Village is now bustling with activity as it embraces its heritage while welcoming modern amenities.

Photo by Fu Shihe

Lichong Village, nestled along Fenjiang South Road in Foshan's Chancheng District, has long been revered for its contributions to Guangdong's literary legacy. With a history dating back centuries, the village has produced notable scholars, earning it the esteemed moniker of "Scholar Village."

Photo by Fu Shihe

Over the centuries, Guangdong has cultivated 9 literary champions, with 5 hailing from Foshan. Notably, Lichong Village claims two - Jian Wenhui from the Southern Han Dynasty and Lun Wenxu from the Ming Dynasty.

In recent years, Lichong Village has undergone a transformation, breeding new life into its ancient streets and historic landmarks. The village's cultural significance has been revitalized, with efforts to preserve and showcase its heritage while catering to the needs and interests of contemporary visitors.

Key attractions such as the Scholar Bridge, Scholar Well, and Scholar Hall have been restored, offering visitors a glimpse into the village's illustrious past. Additionally, modern amenities such as coffee shops, pottery studios, and libraries have been introduced, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Savor the aromatic coffee amidst century-old green-tiled pavilions

Photo by Fu Shihe

Once built by the Jian brothers, the Green-Tiled Pavilion Park now houses a coffee shop and pottery studio, alongside a library and a museum showcasing the Jian brothers' legacy.

Photo by Fu Shihe

Marvel at the tranquil beauty of the Scholar Well

Photo by Fu Shihe

Dating back to the Southern Han Dynasty, this well nourished two scholarly champions, Jian Wenhui and Lun Wenxu. Today, school children from Lichong Village perform the tradition of opening ceremonies here, drawing water to wash their faces and preparing ink for calligraphy. After visiting the Scholar Well, take a moment to relax at the nearby tea house and enjoy a cup of tea.

Photo by Fu Shihe

Admire the distinctive ancestral hall of the Lingnan water village

Pass over the Scholar Bridge and arrive at the Chen Family Ancestral Hall, surrounded by lush greenery, water features, pavilions, and corridors.

Photo by Fu Shihe

Immerse yourself in the historical charm of Lichong Village, where tradition meets modernity, and every corner tells a story of scholarly excellence and cultural heritage. Discover the secrets of fortune and prosperity as you explore this centuries-old treasure trove in the heart of Foshan!


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