Foshan Blossoms: Lotus Flowers Unveil Their Beauty
Foshan China 2024-05-10 16:14

As the summer season takes hold, the serene ambiance of Asian Arts Park in Foshan transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors with the blossoming of the Lotus Flower Island. Amidst the lush greenery, these lotus flowers, adorned in predominantly white hues with crimson accents, have emerged, captivating the attention of both avid photographers and eager locals.

Against the backdrop of cascading lotus leaves, the first wave of summer blooms presents a picturesque sight, with delicate petals unfurling to reveal nature's exquisite beauty. From the graceful white blooms tinged with red to the budding pink blossoms poised for their moment in the sun, each flower adds a unique charm to the landscape.

Photo by Li Ao

Photo by Li Ao

The Lotus Flower Island is abuzz with anticipation as more buds prepare to burst into bloom, with the "Space 36" variety leading the procession. Anticipation is high as experts predict a flurry of blossoms from mid to late May, with the peak bloom expected from late May to late July.

Beyond the lotus blooms, the island also boasts the enchanting beauty of the blooming magnolias, offering visitors a multi-faceted experience of nature's splendor.

Photo by Li Ao

Amidst the sunny skies and balmy weather, now is the perfect time to embark on a journey to Asian Arts Park and immerse oneself in the breathtaking beauty of Foshan's blooming lotus flowers!


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Photo丨Li Ao

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