Stunning Ancient Village Offers Day-Long Delights in Nanhai, Foshan
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Ruxi Village: An 800-year-old hidden gem amidst the bustling city

The network of rivers crisscrossing under the Xiqiao Mountain is named after the Ming Dynasty philosopher Zhan Ruoshui, and is now collectively referred to as the Guanshan Waterway.

Qiaoshan Waterway is not only one section of Guanshan Waterway but also one of the main streams of the Sang Yuan Wei Water Vein. Where it flows through is the birthplace of Ruxi Village, a village with 800 years of history.

Ruxi Village is near mountains to the north and facing the river to the south, along the central watercourse of the Sang Yuan Wei. It has convenient transportation, making it an invaluable land. The village’s name is“儒溪”.“儒”means its cultural essence is from Confucianism, and“溪”means streams which represent the vitality of this village.

Following the main road into Ruxi Village, walk through streets and alleys, you can still find many relics, such as ancient wells, banyan trees, ancestral halls, cannon towers, and bluestone roads. Besides, it remains four relics: Rulin Shoudi(儒林首第), Sanyuan Rongyin(三元榕萌), Gongqiao Wanwang(拱桥晚望), and Fangjing Liuxiang(方井流香).

"Gongqiao Wanwang," a stone arch bridge built from rubble.

Following the artistic signposts to enjoy the village's scene

At the end of 2022, land art was popular in Ruxi Village, promoting many artists to create artistic works to showcase village culture and lifestyle. The integration of art with ancient villages and ancient buildings forms a special artistic atmosphere of the Lingnan water town, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit this village.

At dusk, the tea and coffee shops in Ruxi Village are always full of villagers and tourists. These tea and coffee shops not only provide villagers and tourists with a cup of drink but also offer a natural environment, cultural environment, and services, allowing villagers and tourists to have a relaxing time after sunset.

Delicious Cusines in Ruxi Village

"Roast Duck Master" restaurant has been open in Ruxi Village for over 20 years, and it is a special "taste" memory for villagers.

The roast duck made by the "Roast Duck Master" has a crispy skin and juicy meat. Besides, the unique cuisine, Fried Chili Peppers, also attracts many neighbors and tourists.

Chili peppers, stuffed with fish and enveloped in secret flour, is a crispy and delicious dish called "Fried Chili Peppers" .With each bite, the fragrant outer layer blends the freshness of the fish and the spiciness of the peppers, offering an exquisite taste sensation that is truly delightful.

There is also the Qiaoyun Private Kitchen, transformed from an old cannon tower, offering delicious dishes such as hand-shredded fish shop, turtle soup, and Shunde sashimi, waiting for you to taste!

Travel Guide

Ruxi Village

Address: Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan

Roast Duck Master Restaurant

Address: Huanshan Avenue, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan(southwest of Baolian Temple, near the Jiangbian new bridgehead)

Qiaoyun Private Kitchen

Address: No. 13, No.5 Alley, Zhaojia Cannon Tower, Ruxi Village, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan

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