Over 690,000 Visitors! Foshan Shunde Dragon Boat Festival Gains Nationwide Attention
Foshan China 2024-06-14 09:19

During the Dragon Boat Festival ( from June 8 to June 10), Shunde District, Foshan has welcomed 690,000 domestic and international tourists, marking a 12.2% increase compared to last year. The accommodation sector has received 115,000 overnight visitors, a 7.2% rise year-on-year.

Shunde's Dragon Boat Race Featured 8 Times on CCTV

Shunde's festive celebrations have garnered nationwide attention. The "Shunde Happy Dragon Boat" event has been featured 8 times on CCTV and recommended through the CCTV app, vastly promoting Shunde to audiences across China.

In the CCTV coverage, traditional activities such as the dragon boat eye-dotting ceremony, exhibitions of intangible cultural heritage, and bustling street markets showcased Shunde's rich and dynamic dragon boat culture. These events allowed viewers to immerse themselves in the colorful and joyful atmosphere of Shunde's culture and tourism.

The stories of Hu Xinghua, a second-generation dragon boat enthusiast, and Xu Ziwei, a "lion dance girl," also received widespread attention, promoting the spirit of Shunde's dragon boat culture.

Additionally, on June 10, CCTV Sports mentioned Shunde Dragon Boat once again. The Shunde Lecong Louvre Dragon Boat Team won first place in the men's 100-meter, 200-meter, and 500-meter races during the Jiangsu Yancheng Station of the 2024 Chinese Dragon Boat Race.

Wonderful Activities from Dawn to Dusk in Shunde

On the evening of June 7, 10 dragon boats from different local communities in Ronggui paraded in the southern part of Longhua Dachong, Ronggui Sub-District. The event drew cheers from the gathered spectators.

On June 10, a dragon boat eye-dotting ceremony took place at the Daliang Dragon Boat Culture Festival. More than 1,000 dragon boat enthusiasts on 42 traditional dragon boats parade along the Daliang River, captivating thousands of residents and visitors who joined the festivities.

The dragon boat eye-dotting ceremony at Taiwei Temple in Longyan Village, Leliu, stood as the focal point of the 'Shunde Happy Dragon Boat' cultural festival. Hundreds of dragon boats from the Pearl River Delta region gathered for this significant ritual.

The 2024 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and the 3rd Solo Dragon Boat Race at Shunde OCT Harbour PLUS were grandly launched. With the sound of the starting whistle, hundreds of boats raced, recreating the iconic scene of dragons competing and "drifting" around the Ferris wheel.

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