Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling
Foshan China 2017-01-26 16:04

Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling is first made in the Ming Dynasty as a kind of Spring Festival food, it is different from other fried dumplings in its material-electing. It’s skin are made of glutinous rice and sticky rice, and the stuffings are made of corn and fried peanuts. Pinched into ball-shaped and fist-sized ball, it’s sprinkled with seamen and pressed flat, then dropped into oil to fry golden. The characteristics of Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumplings are golden in color, thin-skinned and stuffing refined, taste savory and melt easily inside mouth. Jiujiang Fried Rice Dumpling has been listed in  “Chinese Thesaurus of Famous Local Products”  more than ten years ago.