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Foshan China 2021-04-08 11:58


  When April arrives in Gaoming, Foshan, you can tell the refreshing smell of Spring tea are lingering in the air. Why not pick a sunny day and invite a few friends for a trip to a tea farm in Foshan? Follow our step and take a look at Duichuan Tea Farm – a place to pick tea leaves, drink tea, hike, and meditate.


  Built in 1952, Duichuan Tea Farm is known as a integrated tea cultural park, with a rich business portfolio of farming, production & processing and tourism. On a land of more than 60 hectares, black tea, green tea and other varieties of tea are well nourished here. The tea quality is great - aromatic in smell, pure in taste, bright in color and smooth in texture. For tea drinkers, “Duichuan Tea” has become a brand that they trust.


  Once it hits March and April, farmers will be having hectic days for making spring tea. Baskets carried around the waists, hands moving up and down in green leaves, tea farmers work hard on the field. They were racing against time, just to keep the best flavor on tip buds. Visitors are welcomed to join farmers for tea-picking experience.


  Green tea leaves contain rich fiber. You can either chew them gently for a special bittersweet taste or make yourselves a cup of tea out of them. Enjoy the fun of tea-picking!


  The farm also incorporates culture and tourism elements. Duichuan Academy, Duichuan Tea House Restaurant and Tea Museum and all kinds of fun lesiure ecological products are provided to visitors.

  对川书院  Duichuan Academy


  Renovated from an old tea factory, Duichuan Academy houses more than 20,000 volumes of books in which you can travel through history and space, and find yourselves some peace.

  对川茶博馆  Duichuan Tea Museum


  Duichuan Tea Museum includes three exhibition halls - "Tea Talk", " Tea Taste" and " Tea Making ". With a narrative of tea products, tea farm stories, tea customs, and tea making techniques, the museum seeks to enhance tea cultural highlights in Gaoming.

  对川茶居  Duichuan Tea House Restaurant


  Duichuan Tea House Restaurant is best known for its “tea-based” dishes, dishes seasoned with tea leaves, or dishes cook with tea soup. All dishes are presented exquisitely to foster a brand of tea-themed delicacies. On the tastebuds of diners are endowment from nature.


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