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Foshan China 2021-07-20 15:37
Foshan is located on the Pearl River Delta, a fertile plain where several rivers flow by, abounding with fish.



It is known to all that Foshan people are fond of eating fish, and a fish in Foshan can be made into various delicacies. Choosy about food as Foshan people, some gourmets even only eat fish made in Foshan. Among all the cooking methods, they believe that raw fish, or so-called fish sashimi, best captures the essence and taste of the fish



Cooked by the traditional method, every slide of fish looks crystal clear with freshly sweet taste. Many restaurants serving sashimi are built along the river. Customers come afar just for a refreshing taste.



To make tasty fish sashimi, the quality of fish is of importance. Fish caught from the pond has to be put in 12℃ water for several day. This is a very important step to remove mud and sand from the fish and reduce their fat.



Fish will not be killed until they are ordered and once sliced up, they will be immediately served to table. Fish being killed has to be discharged blood to remove any lingering fishy smell. 


Then, it is a test for the knife skills of a chef. Only white meat will be preserved. And every slide should be in uniform size, whose thickness will not be more than 0.5 mm



At last, a dozen of ingredients will be mixed with fish sashimi, including lemon leaf shreds, garlic slices, peanut oil, peanuts, sesame and so on. The dish with several colors looks inviting.



Beyond dish, fish sashimi in Foshan is also a symbol of culture. When mixing all the ingredients together, people say “Lao Qi” (the movement of mixing up means having good luck and fortune in Chinese), which has developed into a custom.


Fish sashimi, with a history of 1,500 years, is still the taste Foshan people love the most. 


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