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Foshan China 2021-08-02 10:12


Foshan enjoys the popularity of “homeland of fish and rice”. Gaoming rice-flour noodle (濑粉), made from dried rice flour, has been handed for hundreds of years.


A bowl of rice-flour noodle is served with smooth-taste noodles, rich-flavor ingredients and a spoon of bone soup.



Because of the long-strip appearance of the rice-flour noodle, it has the meaning of “forever”. Therefore, whether it is a festival or a daily diet, there is no lack of rice-flour noodle.



The production process of rice-flour noodle is numerous and time-consuming, including selecting rice, grinding rice into powder, sifting powder, drying powder, and finally using powder to make rice-flour noodle.



In Gaoming, Rice-flour Noodle Festival enjoys a high reputation. According to statistic, more than one million people have participated in Gaoming rice-flour noodle Festival over the years. Nowadays, rice-flour noodle has become a symbol of Gaoming.


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Photo | Long Shangchun, Pan Weixin, Huang Huixin, Foshan News Network