Foshan egg twist: a crisp childhood snack | Foshan Bite⑤
Foshan China 2021-08-20 17:07
The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its residents.
Foshan people make good use of the original ingredients, supplemented with the simplest cooking methods to make a table of delicacies.
As one of the specialties of Foshan, the egg twist is golden, crispy, loose inside and outside. The flavor and crispness are perfect. 
There are no complicated cooking steps. The ingredients are flour, eggs and oil, but making a good one  is a test to chefs.
Egg twist, or Dansan in Chinese indicates that it is made of eggs and fluffy in taste.
Egg twist with natural syrup tastes sweet and crisp.
The dough is made of refined super gluten flour and fine red-shell eggs. The essence of the egg twist is syrup, which is made of rock candy and sugar. Adding appropriate amount of ginger can improve the flavor.
Just like egg twist, many traditional snacks in Foshan carry the unique taste and memory of local peoples childhood. 
Author | Bryant
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Photo | Foshan News Network