What is the diet of the locals in cool, dry autumn? | White Dew
Foshan China 2021-09-07 16:40

Today is White Dew, (Chinese: 白露), the beginning of cool autumn. The name implies that the temperature is gradually getting lower and white dews can be seen on grass and tree leaves. As it is dry in Foshan in autumn, moist food like honey is among the top choice of the local’s diet.


Xian Zifu, a 68-year-old man born in Danzao Town, Foshan, has dedicated his life to beekeeping. For the past 44 years, he has been as hardworking as bees and always working on the schedule of flowering seasons.



Introduced by Xian, as the White Dew comes, now it is time to harvest the honey. Every day when he opens the hive, what waits him is the freshest honey, gift from the nature.


Cutting honeycomb from hive



Pouring the honey into bucketWithout doubt, beekeepers are the ones who know how to make the best honey food. These two dishes, fried chicken and trotters in ginger and sweetened vinegar, are both given extra flavor with honey. The sweetness scents the air in his house.



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