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Foshan China 2021-11-04 09:32

Cold air is going to spread across Foshan very soon. Still, coldness can’t prevent Foshan people from enjoying life. In autumn and winter, there is nothing like congee hotpot that can heat Shunde locals from the inside out.



Unlike Chongqing or Sichuan hotpot with spicy soup that people from all over the world know, Shunde congee hotpot is highlighted by a bubbling vat of congee as its name implies.


You haven’t tried it before? Come and have a try!


Fish congee hotpot




If you are a gourmet who believes freshness is of prime important, fish congee hotpot is the best choice for you! Chef with great culinary prowess will fillet all the bones for you, so you can fully enjoy the tender texture of fish.



Put a slice of fish into the congee for merely 30 seconds and you will be treated with a soft meat with the rice flavor.


Congee hotpot with spring water



Some of you may have known this kind of Shunde congee hotpot before, but I bet few people try congee boiled with spring water. Sweet spring water adds a special flavor to the hotpot and all the vegetables and meat in it may taste better.


Seafood congee hotpot




For all the seafood lovers, you absolutely don’t want to miss this kind of hotpot. After pouring all seafood you like into the broth, like shrimps, scallops, clams, fish balls and so on, you will be served with a heavy fresh seafood delight.


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