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Dishes in Shunde are renowned for their freshness, which can be seen in the traditional dish called Fish Dumpling(鱼皮角). In 2018, the making skill of Fish Dumpling has been listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Shunde District. How can it maintain its stage on people’s dinner tables? What is the secret behind it?




Dumpling skin: mince dace, Corn starch 

Fillings: Carrot, Chinese water chestnut, Shrimp, Mince turbot and pepper

Materials for broth: Pork bones, chicken, turbot and hotbed chives



Cooking process:

1. Pick out the bones of the dace first, scrape the fish fillet with the kitchen knife and get the boneless meat. 

2. Mix and pound the scraped fish meat with salt and white sugar until the fish meat becomes sticky. (Tip: keep pounding in the same direction. Otherwise, the fish meat cannot be sticky enough.) 

3.Knead the fish meat into small balls and put the fish meatball in the corn starch in case they stick together.

4.Use the rolling pin to flatten the meatball with corn starch as circles. It is the skin of the fish dumplings.



5. Put the prepared fillings into the dumpling skin, fold it, and pinch it tightly. (Please make sure that each dumpling has shrimp in it)6. Put the dumplings into the boiling broth and wait till them well cooked. Don’t forget to add some hotbed chives in it. 7. We will have very tasty and traditional fish dumplings when all the steps are done. 


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