Jiandui: a classic taste during Spring Festival | Foshan Bite
Foshan China 2022-01-25 09:36

Jiujiang Jiandui, a symbol of happiness and wealth, is an indispensable food for Foshan people during the Spring Festival. Jiandui is actually a kind of fried glutinous flour pancake. Crowned as Guangdong provincial intangible cultural heritage, the only flat-shape Jiandui in China is golden in color, crispy in the skin, and sweet in taste.



Jiujiang Jiandui has been passed on for hundreds of years, with a dedicated input in making process and ingredients. Hu Bolun, the fourth-generation descendant of Zou Guangzhen Jiandui, has worked for most of his life in making Jiandui.




In Zou’s opinion, inheriting the production method left by the ancestors and choosing good raw materials are vital for making a golden and crispy Jiandui.


Boil the sugar until sticky, inject the filling, and quickly stir the popcorn and peanuts before the syrup solidifies. After the filling is formed, pinching the skin, packaging and shaping will be completed at one time.




Eating Jiandui during the Spring Festival is an important custom for Foshan people. For years, marked by its crispy texture, the snack remains one of Foshan people’s favorites. It also embodies people’s desire for family reunion and prosperity.


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