Come and taste these sweet fruits in this hot summer
Foshan China 2022-07-19 11:01

Juicy grapes, fresh and sweet lychee... In this summer vacation, the “fruit kingdom” in Nanshan, Sanshui is undoubtedly a perfect place to relax your mind.

Walk into the orchard, smell of sweet aroma will rush in your nose. Cluches of fresh and big lychees are like rubies hanging on branches.


With yellow skin and mini shape, the wampee in Sanshui is mouth-watering. Its regarded as the "the treasure of the fruit" with its high nutritional value.

Sweet and juicy watermelons become an indispensable part of this hot summer. With thin skin, sufficient water and sweet taste, this small watermelon is very popular among foodies.


Dragon fruits with bright color on the branches are really mouth-watering.



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Photo | 绿韵南山、三水发布