@Foodies, exolore Shunde Food Culture in these exhibitions
Foshan China 2022-08-23 11:48

From August 20th to September 30th, there are three exhibitions about Shunde Food held in International Gourmet Culture Exchange Center in OCT Harbour PLUS. Three exhibitions are Twelve Flavors in Shunde, The Comics Fair of Shunde Food on Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and The Food Culture Exhibition of Dahus works.



"Twelve Flavors in Shunde" is the annual food brand activity to promote 12 dishes, which has been held for 6 consecutive years. This year is about the missing flavors, which will invite 12 Shunde chefs to recover lost dishes from ancient recipes. For instance, Sunflower Duck is one dish that recovers from the recipe True Delicacy in Qing Dynasty.



Currently, there are 59 intangible cultural heritages in Shunde, including 4 national ones, 10 provincial ones, 12 municipal ones, and 33 regional ones. Remarkably, 23 of them are relevant to food, for example, double-layer steamed milk custard, Chencun rice noodles.


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