Cured meat, a must-eat dish on local's dinner table in cool season
Foshan China 2022-11-10 18:24

As the autumn colors fade over time, cool days are well underway. The Beginning of Winter, or "Lidong" (立冬) in Chinese, begins this year on November 7 .

Cured meat is the iconic dish for winter season in Guangdong. Each family will start their "routine" ritual of making cured meat.

"Eating cured meat is essential for Cantonese as autumn wind rises." This phase is what Cantonese will say in autumn.

One should have a better appetite as the weather cooled down. At this time every year, a bowl of warm and favoured cured meat will surely satisfy your taste bud.

Cured meat is similar with wine for they both formed their unique flavor under the precipitation of time. Particularly, cured meat with salty and sweet flavour is the favourite of Foshan people.

Freshly made cured meat hunging in the air is like transparent jade in the sun, spreading a thick fragrance of meat.

Rice with cured meat is a must-eat dish on the local's dinner table. With a bowl of soup, it's enough to remove the tiredness of the whole working day.

Author | Eleanor

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