Rice noodle in Gaoming: a taste of memory
Foshan China 2022-11-25 17:19

Rice noodles are local snack seen everywhere in Gaoming. Every important occasion wouldn't be complete without the lingering taste of rice noodles on your taste buds. Everyone has a taste of his hometown in his memory, and for Gaoming people, the taste is Gaoming Rice Noodles.

In the Shangshan Rice Noodle Inheritance Hall on Kangning Street, Hecheng Sub-district, Wu Jinqiang is carefully making rice noodles in the traditional method. Wu Jinqiang said the rice noodles is not only the taste of his hometown, but also the taste of his childhood.

To make rice noodles, the first thing is to choose the rice. The raw material of the rice noodles is the Huanggu (黄谷) rice from Heshui Town, Gaoming.

The production process of rice-flour noodles is time-consuming, including selecting rice, grinding rice into powder, sifting powder, drying powder, and finally using the powder to make rice-flour noodles.

After making the rice paste with the dried rice powder, the local chef would put the rice paste into a bowl with small holes at the bottom and let it flow into the pot with 95℃ water in it. When the rice paste becomes rice noodles, scoop it up, put it in a basin with cold water and drain the water.

Drizzle with soup and add some cooked ginger, fried peanuts, shredded cabbage and meat. Finally a bowl of Gaoming Rice Noodle is done.

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