Best sweet potato ever! Season Limited in Foshan!
Foshan China 2022-12-14 14:59

Can you imagined how satisfying it would be if you can have hot sweet potatoes in winter?

The champion of Foshan sweet potatoes, sweet potato from Lishui, Zaogang, have been out for sales most recently. Have a bite before your mouth will be filled with creamy and glutinous texture. The sweetness will further conquer your brain, making you feel deeply in love with it.

Excellent breed

The breed finely nurtured in Lishui Zaogang Village is known as “double skin” sweet potato, whose skin is purple, with red texture inside. This breed typically have more creamy and sweet flavour than the normal types.

Ideal growing condition

Grown in a semi-hilly landform, the sweet potatoes access a kind of soil environment characterizd by "20% of sand and 80% of soil", which creates a favorable condition for sweet potatoes.

Rich experience in cultivation

As for the secret cultivation of sweet potatoes, local farmers have worked hard to find for 30 years. They now have gained rich experience and cultivated these high-quality sweet potatoes.

Direct delivery, guaranteed freshness

It takes less than a day from the collection, rinse, to delivery, which has guaranteed the freshness of each sweet potato. Additionally, the farmer provide direct delivery to your address.

Recognized brand

In 2021, Lishui Zaogang sweet potato has applied for the national geographic trade mark, which will further standardize the production and sales, making it a well recognized famous brand. 

Limited time and amount

December is the ideal harvest period for sweet potatoes as of the best quality, which only lasts for one month. With limited time and amount, don’t hesitate to try it out!

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