@Foodies, food with this certification is authentic Shunde flavour
Foshan China 2022-12-19 17:06

On December 15, the inauguration of "A Bite of Shunde" Certification System was held.

"A Bite of Shunde" Certification System covers three main dimensions, including the system foundation, service resource, supportive mechanism. Specifically, one recognition system, group of qualified restaurants, serial of promotion activities would be the examples of action taken in the future.

Regarding the visual symbol of "A Bite of Shunde", the design has incorporated the bowl and phoenix characters, representing the reputation of Shunde, "City of Gastronomy". It is considered as the iconic logo of "A Bite of Shunde", vastly used in relevant promotion events and products.

Additionally, two IP characters are released, conveying the feature of market equality, profession in cooking technique and Kung-fu culture in Shunde.

Simultaneously, Shunde will select a group of restaurants with excellent cuisine and service quality as "golden phoenix restaurant", "golden phoenix star-rated restaurant". All qualified cuisine will be granted the certification.

The establishment of "A Bite of Shunde" Certification System will foster the standardization of Shunde cuisine and lead it to an advanced level. In the future, there will be serials of events scheduled to boost the development of food industry, making it more renowned on the worldwide stage.

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