Have you tried this durian chicken pot in Sanshui? 
Foshan China 2022-12-20 22:12

What is the mysterious taste of durian chicken pot? Explore it in the famous restaurant Kung-fu Family in Xi'nan Street, Sanshui district.

Duran chicken pot is one of authentic specialities for local people. Its tasty cuisine has attracted foodies around the Greater Bay Area.

To completely enjoy the flavor of this cuisine, follow the instruction below.

The first step is to try the soup. Mixed with the durian, chicken soup has a unique sweetness. Secondly, try the durian. After boiling, the fresh durian will have a creamy, sweet and glutinous texture, which is completely different from a regular one.

The final step is to taste the chicken. Chicken has absorbed the rich flavor in soup, making it tender and sweet. Every bite is the mixture of chicken's original taste-freshness and sweetness from the durian. That is such an ultimate enjoyment.

Apart from durian chicken pot, extra mango added will introduce sourness to the soup, creating an ideal balance.

Commented by Pan Haoming, the owner of the restaurant, ingredient is the key of this cuisine. To ensure the authentic taste, the durian is the iconic golden pillow durian imported from Thailand, and the chicken has been fed with corn and vegetable for around 150 days.

In addition to the joy of taste buds, this cuisine is rich in nutrition. There is an old slang saying that the nutrition of durian equals to the nutrition of three chickens. Since the durian contains various types of amino acids, it may help body recover and mitigate the dysmenorrhea and constipation.

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